Steps to book a trip with us

  1. Choose one of our set itineraries or discuss with us your ideas for a bespoke itinerary.

  2. Complete your tour payment including Druk Air/Bhutan Airlines fare, through international wire transfer.

  3. Scan a copy of the identity page of your passport and send it to us through email.

  4. Once your money has arrived we will confirm your booking, process your visa and forward your visa clearance number and  your e-tickets.

Checklist before you leave for Bhutan
Please bring with you:

  1. The visa clearance and the route permit (we will forward on email)

  2. Druk Air/Bhutan Airlines e-tickets

  3. Two copies of your passport size photographs (just incase)

We will send you the detailed Itinerary, general information about visiting Bhutan together with helpful tips as an email attachment.

All you have to do is to arrive and our guide and driver will meet you at your port of entry.

Note. Don’t forget to make enquiries about visa requirements for any countries you are passing through en route even if you are only in transit.

Also book your long haul flights as soon as you book the trip in Bhutan.